Abby Crain has been teaching Pilates since 1999 in the Bay Area, New York City and Austin Texas. She was certified by Master Teacher Madeline Black. She continued her studies with Mercy Sidbury of St. Frances Dance Medicine in San Francisco, who helped her recover from a back injury, and Carrie Field (now of Taos, New Mexico) who taught her the fundamentals of the technique and how to teach. In New York, Abby was fortunate enough to be whipped into shape after her first child by first generation teacher Kathy Grant, at New York University. Other influential Pilates teachers have been Michelle Larsson, Marie Jose Blum, and Kelly Kane.

She has also studied Body Mind Centering with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Prenatal Yoga with Mia Borgatta,  Pilates for pregnancy with Debbie Goodman, Axis Syllabus with Kira Kirsch, and anatomy with Irene Dowd. Abby has studied extensively with Stephanie Skura in Seattle Washington and was certified to teach Open Source Forms, an imaginative mind body practice that unlocks holding in the body through imagery and gentle hands on techniques.

Abby dances and teaches dance in New York and San Francisco, and has practiced yoga since 1991. In 2003, she opened a Pilates studio in New York’s East Village called Sixth Street Pilates which is still flourishing today (under new ownership). She ran Mission Creek Pilates, a beautiful and intimate neighborhood Pilates Studio in the Mission District of San Francisco, from 2010-2017 that offered pilates, bodywork, yoga and feldenkrais in a welcoming and stress free environment. Read more at Yelp . She closed the studio in 2016 in order to focus more intently on her private practice.


“Pilates with Abby is life changing.”

“From the beginning, it was clear not just how knowledgeable she is, but how good she is at sharing that knowledge, to help someone like me regain the ability to move and get comfortable moving outside of the Pilates studio.”

“I would highly recommend Abby for anyone who wants support working through an injury, understanding how to develop and use their core strength, or who just wants someone smart and supportive to learn Pilates from.”

“Abby is my favorite Pilates teacher of all time.”

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