About me

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  Hi, I´m Abby Crain. I am a pilates teacher working in the Bay Area. Do you have an injury or ache or do you just want to feel stronger and live with more ease and power in your body?

I’ve been teaching Pilates since 1999 in the Bay Area, New York City, and Austin Texas. My classes combine strict attention to refining technique and instilling good biomechanics with a rigorous and playful physical practice.

I work with dancers, painters, computer programmers, baseball players, pregnant and post partum mamas, folks with Parkinsons, folks with repetitive stress injuries, actors, yogis, carpenters, architects, musicians, bodyworkers, people with shoulder pain, and… People who just want to get into shape and live a fuller and more versatile life.

Welcome to contact me for consultation or for scheduling a session. Also, make sure to subscribe to my newsletter for updated information, articles and inspiration. 

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